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Health   Check out our Alternative Health Site for everything from juicing and fasting to acupuncture, homeopathy, home births, herbs, and more. There are also links to information on the dangers, hypocrisy, and just plain foolishness of many main-stream medical practices.

Politics & Government   It's becoming politically correct to be politically incorrect; just so long as you don't go too far or step on the wrong toes. Oh well, guess we'll just see how long these links last before our server gets pressured to dump us. Check back regularly and find out! Also included are links to actual government sites (like phone numbers where you can complain), and sites regarding the "proper role of government".

Education   Why did the recent National Spelling Bee winner get so little publicity?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that she didn't come out of the Dumb-Down Mill that passes for Public Education? Click here to get connected to a veritable plethora of alternative education links.

Christianity   Now this is probably going to tick some people off, because rather than offering up the wide variety of spiritual nincompoopery that has become the norm, this site attempts to bring focus to sites that would qualify as representing at least some resemblance to historic Christianity which, in fact, has now become part of The Fringe.

Miscellaneous   Not every "alternative" interest fits neatly in one of the categories above. Go here for everything else. Survivalist sites, alternative housing, y2k information and more will hold your interest for hours (or days!). And as each area grows, you can expect new, dedicated pages to be added to the regular index.

Email The Big Fringe   Click here to applaud, complain, sympathize, mock or just suggest links.

Disclaimer:   Inclusion of links on The Big Fringe does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the views or opinions expressed on those sites. Then again, it doesn't mean we disagree with them either. Oh well.



Visit Dixienet
The Premier Website of The Southern League

Scalawags Beware! Dixienet provides solid answers to the attacks on all things regarding Secession, the Confederacy, and Southern Heritage in general. The casual visitor will be amazed at some of the evidence presented at this unashamedly Pro-South Site.

Spiritual Counterfeits Project

Spiritual Counterfeits Project

SCP has been exposing false teachings and false teachers for decades.  Known internationally for its expertise as a "cult watch", SCP manages to weave in the truth of the Gospel (or at least a portion of it) in practically every issue it covers.  Click here to find out for yourself how this unique organization has managed to be so consistent and so effective for so long.

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Got a recommendation for The Big Fringe? Click here to submit your suggestion of a site you think we should highlight!  But be forewarned . . . we're picky!

alternatives sites links governments politics christianity education healthy nutritional herbs patriots christians conspiracy theory theories

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alternatives sites links governments politics christianity education healthy nutritional herbs patriots christians conspiracy theory theories
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